• Gas Energy

  • Whether powering continuous, discrete or hybrid manufacturing processes, the choice of fuels is an important decision, as they constitute the bulk of the recurrent expense in running a power system. For instance, running diesel engines can be quite expensive.

    Gas engines are ideal for countries where natural gas can be harnessed and supplied cheaply. Though slightly more expensive than their counterpart diesel engines, they are more durable, offer long term cost savings and have the ability to generate high power i.e. 0.5MW to 50MW. We would plant a gas engine on site and simply bill the client for consumption contractually. This removes, for the client, the responsibility of purchasing, fuelling and servicing an engine.

  • Renewable Energy
  • Backup Power Systems (UPS): Using deep cycle batteries and inverters/chargers to give homes, offices, telecom equipment, shops and etc. continuous power.

    Solar Energy: Photovoltaic cells convert the sunís radiation into electricity, which is regulated and stored in deep cycle batteries for use at night when the sun sets.

    Wind Energy: The wind possesses kinetic energy that is captured by long blades, which rotate and hence can run an alternator to generate electricity that can be stored in deep cycle batteries.

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